Sardinia Micro Continent

Catalan Prawns

From the influence of Catalan culture to the tables of traditional Alghero cuisine, prawns cooked in a fresh salad of cherry tomatoes, celery and red onion flavored with white wine vinegar. Served Cold

White Wine Prawns

King Prawns cooked in the oven with garlic and white wine or Vernaccia Wine when possible toppoed with fresh parsley

Alghero Agliata Octopus

Boiled Octopus flavoured with spice tomatoes souce rich of garlic and fresh parsley . Served Cold

Octopus Salad

Boiled Octopus flavored with garlic parsley olive oil accompanied by new potatoes . Served cold

Stewed Lamb in white wine and olives

Stewed Lamb cooked in white wine with sundried tomatoes, carrots, onion and olives.

Red Wine Lamb in tomatoes souce

Stewed Lamb with red wine and new potatoes in tomatoes souce

…more dishes coming soon…

Not all the dishes will be available any day, but they will be available based on the ingredients availability and based on the seasons (including Sardinia festivities)