Sardinia Micro Continent

Rich in mountains, woods, plains, largely uninhabited territories, streams, rocky coasts and long sandy beaches, the island of Sardinia has been metaphorically defined as a micro-continent due to the variety of its ecosystems. In modern times, many readers and writers have extolled its beauty.

Sardinia Micro Continent Ltd is a new company born in Bristol in the United Kingdom from the idea of ​​Tomaso Azara born in Sardinia and moved to England in 2011, has never lost the pride in the appearance of one of the most ancient peoples in history and its traditions. No more solid foundations could better define the project that ” Sardinia Micro Continent Ltd. ” has decided to carry out.

The mission of Sardinia Micro Continent Ltd is to accompany people to discover new flavors or to enrich their knowledge of Sardinian products of great demand which, meantime chasing the new global standards, and trying to forget that standardization that cannot go hand in hand with tradition.

The island’s climate varies from area to area, due to various factors including the extension in latitude and altitude, including a combination of 43 different isobioclimates.